Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas^^

25 Dec is christmas.. how 2 celebrate it lei.. plan 2 go 2 museum 2ml.. hihi.. den, will go 2 TTI for sunset view... but, x yet plan 2 go where for our dinner.. huhu.. so special celebration.. haha..Merry christmas to all ya^^

Monday, December 13, 2010

My birthday celebration

11/12 is my birthday.. Morning i go out with eddy and kak bakyah to Mesra Mall. 2 of us go 2 watc movie - Narnia III. This movie not bad but compare to Narnia I is still lose a bit. haha. Then, my course mates help me celebrate my birthday at Coco Jumbo. My birthday cake 4 this year is in tiramisu favorite. (Actually I love white chocolate.. Hehe) But, I still thankful to them. BELOW IS A SIMPLE VIDEO FOR MY BIRTHDAY.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I believe that good luck is always beside me. My friends just give me a big surprise. But, of course I would like to thank to Tiam Lun, Sook Fong, Kim, Louis and Teng Yew for going survey a new place to celebrate my birthday. Thank you so much. The place that we going to go is Coco Jumbo. Hope it will be nice. And to my Kuching friends, thanks to all of you too because planning to celebrate my birthday too. unfortunately, I didn't back to Kuching. I'm sorry. But, thanks to all of you. Muakz.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A big big surprise...

Thankz to my lovely mom n dad... Although me x at kuch, but u all stil remember my birthday.. muakz.. i so hepi receive the money tat u bank in 2 me.. although cano celebrate wif u all.. but oredi so hepi n touch d.. sumore thankz 2 my bro n sis which oredi buy me a present.. but, i x yet get it.. need 2 wait me bek kuch den i know wats tat.. anyway, thankz 2 my lovely family.. muakz 2 u all.. n hepi birthday 2 my mom too..


Finally, I finish my sample preparation for my final year project.
Finally, I able to change my blogger template.. haha..
Finally, my grandmother is recover d.. make me not so worry about her..
Hope all the finally will become greater..
Hope that my FYP wont get any trouble in data analysis.
Hope that I can learn more about blogger template to make my blog more better..
Really wish that my grandmother wont get sick.. My heart cant afford it... I will always pray for you, my grandmom.. Hope that you will live longer with me^^

Friday, December 3, 2010

Birthday party 2010

This year(2010) is my 1st yr birthday celebrate at Terengganu.. but, dunno y seem lk wil be a boring birthday.. mayb juz stay at rent house only.. coz everytime is me be the organizer for my frenz birthday.. so, i never think of how my birthday party is.. but i think of my birthday wish is finish my final year project successfully.. haha..
n hepi birthday 2 my brother(4/12).. n my mom(11/12) which same day as me.. muakz 2 them.. n oso tis is the 1stime i din help my mom celebrate birthday.. sori to my mom too.. hehe..

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Selfishness denotes an excessive or exclusive concern with oneself; and as such it exceeds mere self interest or self concern. (Wikipedia)Its too sad somehow when your friend being selfish.If the selfishness dismiss in our world, it will be good i think. At least wont happen any group separate inside one course. its so sad that now our members cannot be in a big group. huhu..

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hard to breath

1stime feel like hard to breath. I know tomorrow test quite a bit tough, and i also try hard on it to study what i know. but, i really feel so tension and now even hard to breath. If someone can give me tips now, sure I will thank him or her so much. And love him or her so much too. Its really 1stime i feel that Final exam = the end of the world. (Juz kidding) Haha...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kuantan trip.. Test??

Although this coming thursday is my first final paper, but stil no mood to read on it. Where is my study mood??? Now mind juz think of Kuantan trip.. Oh my god! Or because of this thursday is Academic writing skill paper so juz relax on it.. coz nothing 2 study.. juz need 2 care about the grammar and learn more vocabulary.. but, anyway, hope tat study mood cum find me soon.. n wish the kuantan trip wil b best... huhu

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A sad day

Why 2day feel like so sad??? its to be hepi 2day coz juz celebrate my frenz birthday but sumhow 2day feel so sad... why everytime seem like i m doing wrong even its not my wrong.. is tat i m the easy bully by ppl... so, u all juz like 2 bully me... i rely hv no idea on it... if i do sumting wrong, i wil say sorry d.. but dun blame me if i din do sumting wrong.. u should blame the ppl tat u x like.. dun oways take me as ur enemies.. dun like it... hate it.. so sad... wanna cry d... tear cum out now... frenship rely like shit... i juz trust myself n my family rather than others...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

home sick

suddenly think of my lovely family... wish tat i can be home now.. hope my grandma recover soon so tat it wont bring any bad news agn.. i rely scare tat i cant afford it... hope tat all the bad news stop it n the good luck come forwards me...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

busy week..

Already around 2 weeks I dint sleep well, very busy in this few weeks till so tension. what I can hope is it wont influence my health. but, now mr.headache, mr.sorethroat , mr.dizzy n mr.vomit all find me. make me not appetite d. Even 1 package of maggie mee i also cannot finished it. i just can finished half. What happened to me? Hope that this life wont continue. Muust change this life after my Physics week activity.

Don't want my life full with all the paper. Haha^^

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Going to Redang^^

2ml (13 Sept 2010) wil start my journey to Pulau Redang for 3 days 2 night.. Hope tat i can enjoy it so much.. n sunburn leave me away.. haha..

Friday, September 3, 2010

Alone at rent house now ^^

Now is my uni sem break holiday.... but, all of my frenz oredi bek 2 their hometown.. so, left me alone at rent house now.. so bored... although got so many things such as writing, lab report n study journal to do.. but, now x yet got the mood.. mayb start from sunday den i start doing all the works... so boooooriiiiiiiiinnnnnngggggg.....

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Busy week

Mayb Hari Raya is cuming, so every lecturer busy give us so many assignment.. sumore there are 2 presentation cuming.. LI and FYP presentation.. i so gud luck that my FYP presentation is with En.Fairuz n En.Ghapur.. Like it so much.. Hope tat i can ans all the ques they ask.. yeah.. Gambateh.. Waiting the holiday so tat i can hv a nice rest..

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


What is FYP??? Final year project?? for me, it is a Frustrated Yearly Project... I have try for around 5 methods.. but i still cannot get the gud 1.. sum how no one can help me in this.. juz ask me try n error... but, i will prove 2 sumone tat i can do it.. i muz do it..

Friday, August 6, 2010


after have been study for 2 years where i think is quite a relax university lifestyle, now i feel of the challenge. i like it so much. with this challenge, i feel that my life more valuable and meaningful. some more my friend always ask me when i gonna start find my mr.right.. haha.. what i can tel her is i want to concentrate study 1st.. hehe

Monday, August 2, 2010

Rely need 2 release stress...

now start my fyp, but bow oso the time i can feel the stress.. but, i sure that i can handle it well... so, gambateh la.. hehe

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

juz write for fun...

This week my supervisor x in office.. so, i m quite free.. Free til can on9 write blog... hahaha.. seem i so long time din update my blog.. so juz write sumting 2 let u all know i stil alive.. hehe..

Monday, May 3, 2010

being a mature gal...

start from february, i met a lot of unhappy things til april which i think it rely make me grow up... n from this, i can know the reality life.. now industry training at XFAB oso make me know that its x a easy job.. u should work 4 everything by urself.. n x tat u can copy n paste from internet.. everything u need the knowledge which i think i not working but i m studying oso.. which rely very useful 4 me... thankz..

Monday, April 19, 2010

1st day industrial training

2day is my 1st day training.... nothing special.. juz my supervisor ask me 2 read all the slide show by myself bout electromigration (EM) n stress migration (SM), silicon n so on.. quite useful... n i saw 1 handsome senior guy... wahhhh... haha.. but, of course.. he stil lose coz gt a person tat more handsome den him at UMT tat i ever meet... hahaha... well... i will put the pic as soon as possible if i gt time 2 capture it.. coz start from 2ml i wil b very busy.. gambateh...

Friday, April 9, 2010

at home now... ^^

oredi bout 2 months din bek home... rely miss it so much... now, finally i reached home d... it should b hepi.. but my mom actually din told me a bad news which make me a bit bad mood.. tats is my grandpa not feeling well where my mom dun wan me same as last time dun hv mood 2 sit 4 my final test.. so, she din told me.. but, after i go visit my grandpa, luckily not too bad.. wat i can hope is tat he recover soon.. anyway, i stil feel very hepi... Home rely a great place 4 me.. haha

Thursday, April 8, 2010

going my sweet home 2ml...

yeah.. finish my final test 2day d... so, 2ml wil b hv flight bek 2 my home town, Kuching.... n i wil start my industry training on mon, 12 April at XFAB company (formerly known as 1st silicon).. hope tat i can enjoy during my LI... Home SwEet Home...

My LI company....

Kuching, I m cuming bek soon...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

going out wif my master senior...

on 7 april, me n a master senior, abg nik go 2 secret recipe at terengganu.. my fren told me tat secret recipe gt new cake which i plan 2 go try... but, duno y dun hv.. but, its ok... i stil can hv others favourite 2 choose... mayb abg nik oso shock see me eat so much.. haha.. 4got 2 tel him.. i m a cake lover.. haha... i order a cup of capucino.. think tat i wil sleep late.. but mayb i study whole day at library.. so i feel extremely tired.. so, i sleep around 1am which i think is so early 4 me d.. hehe.. plan 2 sleep til 9am but duno y around 5am oredi wake up.. haiz.. mayb is bcoz i omost everyday juz sleep around 3-4 hrs.. so i wake up automatically.. haha.. but, nvr mind.. wait me bek 2 kuching- my sweet home.. everything wil b normal bek... haha

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yeah.. everything settle...

wah.. finally, this morning go 2 FST 2 find Dr.ikmar.. so hepi tat i oredi find my FYP supervisor... hehe.. so, i wil try my best 2 do my FYP well.. now, i at library.. where i should study isyarat here.. but til now stil dun hv the mood.. mayb gt sum excited.. haha.. n sumore i stil remember all the tutorial which juz test last 2 weeks so make me dun hv mood 2 study yet.. haha.. but, i wil refresh bek seem it is last sub.. i muz score it.. dun wan let A's fly away.. seem my frenz is 101%.. i wan 101.1%.. haha.. yeah.. MAEQ CHAI, U CAN DO IT!!!

p/s: 2nite wil go out hv dinner & gathering wif my lovely master senior,abg nik.. haha...

Feeling relaks now....

duno y suddenly feel so relaks.. mayb 1 of the reasons is finish my killer subject.. sumore i feel the care from my frenz d.. thankz a lot 2 my frenz.. i wil oways b hepi d.. dun wori bout me... i wil oways think on the gud way...

Monday, April 5, 2010

study the killer subject now...

juz now 11pm i so tired, so hv a sleep.. thought tat i wil wake up bout 2 or 3am.. but dunno y til 12pm lk tat, i oredi wake up automatically.. mayb my mind telling me need 2 study 4 semicon exam later... haha...
so, i go 2 make a cup of neslo 2 make me more energetic.. haha... tis is my 1st time getting nervous in study.. others subject i juz take it relaks.. haha.. mayb bcoz i not very know this lec pattern where i dunno wat wil he cum out 4 his exam.. tats y i feel a bit stress.. but, of course.. i stil think tat i can handle it... with a smile n hardworking.. sure can score this paper.. haha...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Very disappointed...

2day very disappointed with my frenz.. being a truth frenz, plz b honest 2 everyone.. n plz when u know how 2 complain, plz change urself 1st b4 saying ppl... n plz try 2 care others feeling b4 u do anything.. plz think twicely.. very sad bout it.. it rely a long story which i oso dun wan 2 write out.. juz wan 2 say a truth relationship should help each others n no cheating... n no selfishness.. let us maintain our relationship... y everytime need me 2 say sorry.. so sad.. but the sadness juz wil 4llow me alone.. i juz will oways being hurt myself.. wat i think is i prefer i myself hurt den my frenz hurt.. but, no one wil UNDERSTAND it...

why.. why.. why..

why this few day i cannot sleep well??? omost everyday sleep at 5am and wake up around 8-9am.. juz only a 3-4 hrs sleeping hrs... wat happen 2 me... am i too stress?? o am i too miss home?? o m i too many problems to think of??? i rely no idea... i think everything is ok.. but why i stil cano sleep well... haiz.. hope tat start from 2day i can sleep well.. bcoz is bad 4 health oso...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

2 pyhsics leng zai birthday

29 Mac is our senior, leong hong birthday.. but, that time v all busy wif our final test.. so, v postpone it til yesterday(31 Mac) where this day is our leng zai, louis birthday... so, v go 2 YES corner 2 celebrate our pyhsics course 2 leng zai birthday.. hope tat they can enjoy it...

p/s: 2day i wil help our KEMAFIZ president, lukman celebrate his birthday.. rely so many ppl birthday in tis few day.. money oso know fly away from me.. hahahaha...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sambungan Bahasa Kelantan

yesterday, 1 more senior, Abg Zaidi asking me bout the new vocab 4 bahasa kelantan.. luckily, i gt a teacher who always help me... (Abg Nik).. so, i can answer all the ques....

supit @ jabil = plastik
lembet @toto = tilam
gropok = tilam
punah jahane = punah jahanam(rosak teruk)
korok = tengkorak

nakut paik = penakut sangat2

Monday, March 29, 2010

Belajar Bahasa Kelantan

malam ini dibuli oleh seorang senior, abg nik yg menggunakan bahasa kelantan yg saya langsung x faham.. tapi, nasib baek ada member yg tolong i.. haha..
last2, abg nik pun beritau i apa maksud semua tu...

koho = semakin
gelenyar/ gedik = mengatal
kupik = kedekut
mek = gadis
awe = lelaki
base = layan
tubik = keluar
galok teh = terlalu riang nya
bo bo = cukup2
banyak dooh doh = banyak sangat dah
haah = ya la

haha... best best belajar bahasa lain..

sumting happen 2 my Uni

so surprise 2 hear this news..
a building near our physic labs had been collapsed.
1 bangladesh worker had passed away n 2 stil injured.. hope the 2 can recover soon...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A memory day to Gambang wif my senior...

I go 2 this trip is because of 1 of my master senior, abg nik persuade me 2 go.. haha.. so, v go on 27 Mac 2010 where i gt test on the second test( i rely so brave.. haha..)

so,v depart around 8am.. n v reach at gambang water park around 1pm.. the weather rely so hot and it is the suitable day 4 us 2 play water.. Rely an enjoyable trip where i can meet others master senior- kak baei, kak iqma, abg zaidi, abg nuqman.. n 1 is kak baei frenz- abg airfan.. although is very tired til whole body so painful n start cough.. but it rely enjoyable.. love it so much...

Friday, March 26, 2010

When i m bored 2day

2day dunno y wake up at 5.30am.. where i slept at 2am.. but i m x feeling tired.. i study til sround 11am where my roomate wake up... i tel her i m so boring study and ask her wan 2 go Hock Kee Seng buy sumting to cook our lunch.. she say ok..
so, both of us decided 2 cook curry as our lunch.. which we put so many ingredients in it.. haha.. rely very full after having this curry rice.. and nice...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

KEMAFIZ Hepi memory

1 sem dah nak habis.. i baru dipilih jd setiausaha KEMAFIZ pada bulan Feb.. pelbagai aktiviti telah berlaku semasa saya menjadi setiausaha..

first, saya telah menyertai kursus kepimpinan. walaupun telah membawa cedera, tapi masih sgt enjoy it.. huhu

aktiviti pertama yg kita ada ialah malam keusahawana mkk.. best gilerrr walaupun sgt letih.. hehe..

Sekarang pula busy buat kertas kerja minggu fizik dan pesta tanglung... harap sem depan aktiviti yg dirancangkan dijalan dgn lancar..


Final Test cuming d..

Next sun is my course 1st day final test.. our schedule is as below:
28 Mac - Rekabentuk Peralatan Elektronik
29 Mac - Prinsip Pengukuran
31 Mac - Microprocessor
3 April - Sensor and Transducer
6 April - Peranti Semicon
8 April - Isyarat dan sistem

Hope tat i can handle all the cuming test...

And Gud Luck 2 all my frenz.. Gambateh 2gether la...

1stime using blog

y i suddenly interested in it.. haha.. actually gt 1 master senior, Kak Bakyah ask me 2 join it... she say can say out anyting inside here.. so, i juz hv a try on this blog.. hope tat this blog can help me release tension.. huhu