Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas^^

25 Dec is christmas.. how 2 celebrate it lei.. plan 2 go 2 museum 2ml.. hihi.. den, will go 2 TTI for sunset view... but, x yet plan 2 go where for our dinner.. huhu.. so special celebration.. haha..Merry christmas to all ya^^

Monday, December 13, 2010

My birthday celebration

11/12 is my birthday.. Morning i go out with eddy and kak bakyah to Mesra Mall. 2 of us go 2 watc movie - Narnia III. This movie not bad but compare to Narnia I is still lose a bit. haha. Then, my course mates help me celebrate my birthday at Coco Jumbo. My birthday cake 4 this year is in tiramisu favorite. (Actually I love white chocolate.. Hehe) But, I still thankful to them. BELOW IS A SIMPLE VIDEO FOR MY BIRTHDAY.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I believe that good luck is always beside me. My friends just give me a big surprise. But, of course I would like to thank to Tiam Lun, Sook Fong, Kim, Louis and Teng Yew for going survey a new place to celebrate my birthday. Thank you so much. The place that we going to go is Coco Jumbo. Hope it will be nice. And to my Kuching friends, thanks to all of you too because planning to celebrate my birthday too. unfortunately, I didn't back to Kuching. I'm sorry. But, thanks to all of you. Muakz.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A big big surprise...

Thankz to my lovely mom n dad... Although me x at kuch, but u all stil remember my birthday.. muakz.. i so hepi receive the money tat u bank in 2 me.. although cano celebrate wif u all.. but oredi so hepi n touch d.. sumore thankz 2 my bro n sis which oredi buy me a present.. but, i x yet get it.. need 2 wait me bek kuch den i know wats tat.. anyway, thankz 2 my lovely family.. muakz 2 u all.. n hepi birthday 2 my mom too..


Finally, I finish my sample preparation for my final year project.
Finally, I able to change my blogger template.. haha..
Finally, my grandmother is recover d.. make me not so worry about her..
Hope all the finally will become greater..
Hope that my FYP wont get any trouble in data analysis.
Hope that I can learn more about blogger template to make my blog more better..
Really wish that my grandmother wont get sick.. My heart cant afford it... I will always pray for you, my grandmom.. Hope that you will live longer with me^^

Friday, December 3, 2010

Birthday party 2010

This year(2010) is my 1st yr birthday celebrate at Terengganu.. but, dunno y seem lk wil be a boring birthday.. mayb juz stay at rent house only.. coz everytime is me be the organizer for my frenz birthday.. so, i never think of how my birthday party is.. but i think of my birthday wish is finish my final year project successfully.. haha..
n hepi birthday 2 my brother(4/12).. n my mom(11/12) which same day as me.. muakz 2 them.. n oso tis is the 1stime i din help my mom celebrate birthday.. sori to my mom too.. hehe..