Friday, March 26, 2010

When i m bored 2day

2day dunno y wake up at 5.30am.. where i slept at 2am.. but i m x feeling tired.. i study til sround 11am where my roomate wake up... i tel her i m so boring study and ask her wan 2 go Hock Kee Seng buy sumting to cook our lunch.. she say ok..
so, both of us decided 2 cook curry as our lunch.. which we put so many ingredients in it.. haha.. rely very full after having this curry rice.. and nice...


  1. -Anyway...welcome to da new chapter of ur life...become a blogger....

    -wowwww look like delicious....yummyyyyyy...

    -nak sikit leh x...haahhaa

  2. haha.. nextime i cook 4 u.. no prob d..