Sunday, November 14, 2010


Selfishness denotes an excessive or exclusive concern with oneself; and as such it exceeds mere self interest or self concern. (Wikipedia)Its too sad somehow when your friend being selfish.If the selfishness dismiss in our world, it will be good i think. At least wont happen any group separate inside one course. its so sad that now our members cannot be in a big group. huhu..

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hard to breath

1stime feel like hard to breath. I know tomorrow test quite a bit tough, and i also try hard on it to study what i know. but, i really feel so tension and now even hard to breath. If someone can give me tips now, sure I will thank him or her so much. And love him or her so much too. Its really 1stime i feel that Final exam = the end of the world. (Juz kidding) Haha...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kuantan trip.. Test??

Although this coming thursday is my first final paper, but stil no mood to read on it. Where is my study mood??? Now mind juz think of Kuantan trip.. Oh my god! Or because of this thursday is Academic writing skill paper so juz relax on it.. coz nothing 2 study.. juz need 2 care about the grammar and learn more vocabulary.. but, anyway, hope tat study mood cum find me soon.. n wish the kuantan trip wil b best... huhu

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A sad day

Why 2day feel like so sad??? its to be hepi 2day coz juz celebrate my frenz birthday but sumhow 2day feel so sad... why everytime seem like i m doing wrong even its not my wrong.. is tat i m the easy bully by ppl... so, u all juz like 2 bully me... i rely hv no idea on it... if i do sumting wrong, i wil say sorry d.. but dun blame me if i din do sumting wrong.. u should blame the ppl tat u x like.. dun oways take me as ur enemies.. dun like it... hate it.. so sad... wanna cry d... tear cum out now... frenship rely like shit... i juz trust myself n my family rather than others...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

home sick

suddenly think of my lovely family... wish tat i can be home now.. hope my grandma recover soon so tat it wont bring any bad news agn.. i rely scare tat i cant afford it... hope tat all the bad news stop it n the good luck come forwards me...