Wednesday, June 6, 2012

So stress!!!

Why suddenly I feel so stress? Why I drop my tears? I never cry during my degree study, but I had been cried for quite many times for my master study. I want to be strong, but I failed to do it. I try my best to friend with you even I know that you betray me. I am the one start msg and call you, but you didn't reply and answer call. I found out everytime I drop my tears because of you. I always treat you as my best friend, that's why I worry you. But, it comes out with: You don't want reply my msg; You don't want answer my call; You don't want to discuss with me for anything; You don't want to talk with me. Why I need to face all these things? I put my true heart on you, but what I get is just zero. But, I still remind myself: Maeq Chai, maybe is you are the one who did wrong, so try your best to get back this friendship. Friendship Forever!

1 comment:

  1. be strong, my friend. maybe u need to experience all of that stress event in order to become mature person. let's endeavor, take care as well. :)